March 15 th 2022
New Book

Ian: Trapped by the Burden to Be Perfect, helps readers
plagued by perfectionism to rid themselves of that inner tyrant and finally feel wanted
and loved.

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Feeling unwanted all his life, Ian, a married father of two, strives to be perfect, believing it will make him attractive, lovable, and an ideal parent. But Ian’s life is spinning out of control. Plagued by insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, sinusitis and erectile dysfunction, the more perfect he tries to be, the more his anger, anxiety and symptoms escalate, driving his wife and children away. Desperate, he commits to long-term therapy, fearing the loss of his dream to have a loving family.

Ian by Dr. Jeanette Raymond deals with the drive for perfection that can damage and destroy our relationships. In therapy, Ian sees how his compulsion to be “perfect” is fueled by the childhood belief that by being the perfect child he’d please his parents and be showered with love. It didn’t work then, and it’s not working now, as Ian’s desperate quest for perfection causes his wife to turn to her parents and cats for love, and his children to steal what love remains.

Envy of his children destabilizes his already rocky marriage and escalates Ian’s stress to the breaking point. Terrified he may lose his wife to his kids and his kids to his wife, Ian must find a way to break free from the desperate need for perfection that is driving his loved ones away. He must learn to heal and accept himself or risk losing his health, his job and his marriage.

Dr. Raymond holds nothing back as she gives readers a visceral, play-by-play account of real-life therapy sessions from both the patient’s and therapist’s point of view. We get to eavesdrop as Ian faces the deep and fearful programming at the root of his deadly drive for perfection, lashing out at Dr. Raymond as she guides him into dark parts of his mind to confront his deepest fears. This book offers a rare glimpse into the therapist’s feelings too, as Dr. Raymond shares the emotions that Ian’s sessions evoke in her, allowing readers to feel the deep bond between her and Ian and how his therapy impacts her.

Readers who struggle with constantly “falling short” or “never being enough” get a visceral hit of real-life therapy and help with healing their own perfectionism, as Dr. Raymond strives to help Ian break free from his childhood programming and save his marriage. As Ian walks out of his three-walled prison, many readers will follow.

Author Bio: Dr. Jeanette Raymond is a licensed clinical psychologist with a private
practice in Los Angeles California. She is the author of the acclaimed book Now You
Want Me, Now You Don’t! Fear of Intimacy.

Contact : Dr. Jeanette Raymond
Phone: 310.987.2491

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Ian: From Feeling Unwanted to Wanting to Feel

Dr. Jeanette Raymond, Ph. D. (Author)

Trapped by the Burden to be Perfect